Hi, I'm frolic.eth. I created ENS Ideas to explore blockchain data and subgraphs and to speed up brainstorming for .eth domain names. I am tweeting about the process and made the code open source. Let me know what you think!

Like emoji domains? Check which ones are still available.

ENS name & avatar API

I often find that my dApps need a nice way to display a name and avatar for a given wallet address/account. The usual approach of resolving an ENS name and avatar via ethers.js is too slow and can overwhelm an Infura/Alchemy node.

To help with this, I built a cached REST API endpoint that you're welcome to use in your dApp. Addresses are automatically normalized to lowercase (via a redirect) and results are cached for 24 hours at Cloudflare's edge nodes, so responses are fast!

GET https://api.ensideas.com/ens/resolve/0xc9c022fcfebe730710ae93ca9247c5ec9d9236d0

{ "address": "0xC9C022FCFebE730710aE93CA9247c5Ec9d9236d0", "name": "frolic.eth", "displayName": "frolic.eth", "avatar": "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/xkHbgnjMo4vRUjWNPUDCt7zGfRr0kYEajyPV1z_EPRRK1maqrd5r_amLwYqUtQ109gbqNsjgNvLHZMfMkbzQMt3ioYrHxhNzo2TK" }
addressEthereum address, in checksum format
nameENS name, if reverse record is set to an active domain
displayNameENS name or, if none set, truncated address (e.g. 0xC9Cā€¦36d0)
avataravatar image URL, if set